it's the best stuff

we first started making our candles for fun, and since we had a retail store (the angelo:HOME Store in Downtown Los Angeles), we wanted to see how they stacked up against some of the biggest brands, and we were amazed that within a few short months our candles were out selling them 10 to 1!  They were a hit and so we then decided to expand and sell them to other retailers. To us it's a not a surprise because we put the best ingredients we can find into them.  We do not use any phthalates or stabilizers, no lead or zinc in our 100% cotton wicks, we use locally sourced 100% vegetable wax (soy), and it is 100% made in the USA! We hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them!


Off Label - our new video series

Check in each week to see what new creations we come up with - and after, you can shop our new Off Label candles (click on "shop" above)