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Our Top 10 Host/Hostess Gifts!

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Baxter Manor Top Ten Host/Hostess Gift IdeasThis holiday season, the easiest and best received host/hostess gifts are ones that do not require work... and what I mean by that is work for your host/hostess!

They are usually busy with dinner/last-minute party preparation and while flowers are beautiful to look at, a party is not the right time... they require a few things that take away from the moment (fining a vase, cutting, arranging, etc.).

Stay away from home decor items... personal style and taste is a very hard thing to understand and people are usually very particular with what they want to display and showcase in their home (this kind of gift can be very awkward for the recipient if they do not like it... plus for many people it causes stress when they feel obligated to use the item.  Think of gifts that can either be opened at a later time, or can immediately be used. Here are our top 10 gift ideas for your next party!


  1. High Quality Candles (they last a long time, and are relaxing... bringing back the memory of your time together, oh and they are affordable)
  2. Soaps (every time they use them, they will remember your time together)
  3. Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate (every party has dessert, and a great selection of fine tea, coffee, or hot chocolate will certainly be welcome)
  4. A Good Book (this can be a coffee table book or novel - whatever you LOVE and that is the key... don't buy what you think they will like - use this as an opportunity to share something of yourself)
  5. A Gift Certificate to dinner for two... (your host/hostess will be tired from their night of entertaining - so return the favor by giving them a stress-free night out!)
  6. A Party Game! (you can be tame with Password, or a little daring with Cards Against Humanity... you decide the temperature in the room and this is sure to be a great way to get a invite back if you don't play that night!)
  7. An Ornament for their Tree (If you know your host/hostess well, this is one home decor item that can be your taste - it's a great way for them to remember you year to year as they decorate)
  8. Wine (this is an easy-go-to gift... but sadly it will be gone in 4 glasses)
  9. A Massage gift certificate (this has to be to a well-known spa... you don't want to send your host/hostess to a groupon deal)
  10. An Invitation to your home for dinner - nothing is more thoughtful than returning the favor of a good dinner or party - so be a host/hostess yourself and entertain your friends and family!

We see a lot of lists like our own... and many are suggesting items like cutting boards, knives, dish towels, frames, bud vases, aprons, calendars, cake stands, serving trays/platters, pillows, pottery, doormats, and food. None of these are good ideas... they just end up being "stuff" people have to figure out what to do with and store. And... many are just too personal - unless you know your host/hostess absolutely wants one of these very specific items, it will most-likely become a hard question the next day... "now what do I do with this?".

Yes, it is the thought that counts... but you also need to put some thought into it - for it to count!

Happy Holidays!

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