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Soy Wax When talking about soy wax candles you'll find that it can come in many forms... for the Baxter Manor brand of candles, we use a 100% soy wax flakes. The reason for this is because it is a clean burning, sustainable, carbon neutral product made in the United States. The soybean is harvested (mainly from Indiana, Illinois and Iowa), cleaned, shelled, and then flattened into flakes.Soy wax flakesMelting the soy waxPouring the hot wax into our containerThe finished product!  

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how-to: make a candle


A step-by-step look at how you too can make your own candles at home! Making a candle is similar to baking... and we have all had amazing baked goods... and then, well, not so much.  Through trial and error, you too can find the right recipe for your candles... things like your ingredients (paraffin, soy, beeswax, fragrance, essential oils, etc.), melting/pouring temperatures, wick size, and containers... they all need to work seamlessly in order to produce a quality candle. To help you along, we've produced a quick reference guide to making your first candle! This how-to will yield you two...

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