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Baxter Manor - #OurHistoryCollection

#OurHistoryCollection is a project designed to give back. Each candle and room spray in the line represents an important year in LGBTQ+ History. While there are many more important years in our history, we selected 12 of the most influential ones to start our collection. Those years in-between are equally important, as they all held significant moments that served as catalysts for larger events that followed. We can not forget the many sacrifices the brave people of our history endured - many, unfortunately, with their lives. We would not be where we are today - closer to equality - without their contributions. It is because of their dedication and work that we are able to live out and free today. And while we celebrate their achievements, our achievements, we also recognize that this is not the case for everyone in our community and, because of that...

We are making a donation with each candle we sell... 10% of all #OurHistoryCollection will go to The Trevor Project - because we want to support the history our next generation will make.