More on Baxter

I'm just a small town boy (I grew up in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania; population: 3,583), living in a big city (Los Angeles; population: 13.976 million)... and fittingly I have big dreams, for a small business!

20 years ago this started as a fun hobby, making the best candles (free of all the bad stuff found in mass-market products) for friends and family. And even though I sell more candles in a week now than I did in my first year, one thing is the same... I still make every single one myself.

After opening the angelo:HOME Store in downtown Los Angeles in 2013 with my business partner Angelo Surmelis, we decided to give the candles a name and launched the Baxter Manor brand.

Baxter was a rescue dog, and in July 2017 (at the age of 17) he passed away. He loved life and so we decided to have one goal for his brand... to create and offer exquisite products that carried his spirit... things that make us feel good & do good.

If you have time, check out our brother brand: angelo:HOME

Thank you!