Q. How do you determine the candle size (8 ounce, 11 ounce, etc.)?
A. As listed on each product page, we weigh our candle wax as it is being poured into each container or use the volume of the container.

Q. Do you put additives like UV stabilizers or colorants in your candles?
A. No, we do not add any products to our candles other than our wax and fragrance.

Q. I think my candle is defective... I see "frosting" and/or the glass looks "wet" on the sides.
A. Your candle is perfectly fine... in the shipping process it is possible that the delivery truck was hot and this may cause what looks like "frosting" on the sides or top of your candle... or the wax may separate from the side of the glass container, causing it to look "wet".  Both are 100% fine.  Our candles are a natural product and slight variations will occur.  None of these things effect the quality of your candle and they will perform normally.  You can see an image of "frosting" and "wet spots" here.

Q. I noticed some candle scents are not as strong as others... did you not add enough fragrance?
A. Our fragrances are like nature... some scents are stronger than others. Not all scents in nature are the same strength. In candle making, you have to consider this, as well as safety. We can not simply add more of a fragrance to make all of them equal... this would not only make the candle unstable, but also dangerous to burn. Adding too much of a fragrance to a candle could cause the wax itself to burn. 

Q. Where should I burn my candles?
A. This is up to you, however, we recommend that you only burn a candle in a safe place, away from pets and children. In order to get the maximum burn time from your candle (as well as be safe), we also recommend that you not burn any candle for more than 4 hours at a time.  We also recommend that you keep your candle out of a draft (from a window, or heating/air conditioning vent). Burning your candle inside of a hurricane glass cylinder is not only an attractive way to view a candle, it can also be the safest as it is not directly on top of furniture, and it can protect the candle from drafts... not to mention being an extra barrier. Never burn a candle unaccompanied. And never move a candle while burning, or when the wax is not in a solid state. Injury can occur. Each candle includes a few of these important warnings on the bottom of the container, but also common sense is required when using any open flame.
If you have additional questions, you can always contact us here Thank you!